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Find our collection of web sites which we have used to place orders, find information, or referred to us as a good place to visit.

    Bulb, Corm, Rhizome,and Tuber

    • Brent and Beckys Bulbs:
      They are a hybridizers of daffodils . They are third generation bulb growers, trialingmany unusual and specialty bulbs on our 10 acre farm and gardens in Gloucester, Virginia.
    • Geerlings Bulbs:
      They have been growing the most beautiful Calla Lilies since 1882.. Their Zantedeschias have won countless awards and are available for spring planting. Tall, vibrant, cup-shaped flowers, are contrasted against deep, dark green leaves.
    • Hollingsworth Peony Nursery:
      Home of Garden Treasure. Breeder and propagator of approximately 600 varieties of peonies. With easy care landscape peonies and modern flower colors, our annual catalog and online listing offers a large selection of the Early and Midseason Herbaceous peo
    • McClure and Zimmerman:
      They offer multitude of of quality bulbs, corms, tubers and rootstocks.
    • Oakes Daylilies:
      For three generations they have been in the business of growing and selling daylilies. In that time, They have seen incredible advancement in the diversity, beauty and popularity of the daylily.
    • Shields Gardens Ltd. Daylilies:
      They grow about 500 named varieties of daylilies, including ca. 30 of our own introductions. They also do some hybridizing, growing 500-1000 new seedlings on each year.
    • Swan Island Dahlias:
      They are the largest grower of Dahlias in the United States. Their catalog offers a very large selection of choice plants. They are located in the town of Canby in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, producing fine Dahlias since 1920.
    • Terra Ceia Farms:
      Thank you for your patronage this past year. We look forward to serving your flower bulb and plant needs again this year.
    • The U.S. Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center:
      They are press office of the Dutch flower bulb industry It serves as a local resource for information on flower bulbs, gardening trends, professional cut and pot bulb flower production, cut and potted bulb flowers, and the Dutch flower bulb industry. Thei
    • Wrights Daylily Garden:
      They have over 1100 varieties of hybrid daylilies. Online catalog with over 500 pictures.

    Extension Services and Resources

    • Biological Control:
      A guide to Natural Enemies in North America. Cornell University’s guide that provides photographs and descriptions of major biological control (or biocontrol) agents of major insect, disease and weed pests in North America.
    • Colorado States Cooperative Extension Service:
      It is a very useful site covering a wide range of gardening topics. Some of the areas covered are:lawns and grasses, plant health care, continer gardening, flowers, friut trees, vegitables, water, gardening, insects and pests, and even houseplants.
    • National Gardening Association:
      NGA is best known for its high-quality publication, National Gardening Magazine, its innovative science education programs and its garden-related research.
    • P. Allen Smith Garden Home:
      P. Allen Smith is an award-winning garden designer and host of the public television program, P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home and the syndicated 30-minute show P. Allen Smith Gardens. He is America’s most recognized and respected garden design expert, provid
    • Pennsylvania Horticultural Society:
      Their Green Scences Magazine is an excellent publication. Their Yearly Gold Medal Plant awards it often underused but exceptional plants is very useful to the discriminating gardener.
    • Terra Nova Nurseries:
      Since 1992, they have been have been creating some of the most wonderful plants in horticulture today! Not only have their plants received international awards, they are also known worldwide for the amazing 600 new introductions they have released to date

    Gardening Supplies, Services, and Equipment

    • A M Leonard:
      They have been providing quality tools and equipment to the home gardener and professionals since 1895. They carry a complete line of name brand hand tools and power equipment.
    • Echo Products:
      They are a leading manufacture of power equipment for the lawn and garden industry. They produce quality products for the homeowner and commercial trade. We have used nothing but echo products for years and have been completely satisfied.
    • Gemplers:
      They are a source for just about any horticultural supply. From shovels, scrapers, to protective clothing they are committed to offering you a complete line of gardening supplies. We have used them for many years for those hard to find qualitity items.
    • Peaceful Valley Farm Supply:
      An informative mail-order catalog of tools and supplies for organic farming and gardening.
    • Toro:
      Since 1914 Toro has created high-quality products for the lawn and garden. Toros customers are diverse, from landscapers, golf course managers, to homeowners, grounds and sports field managers.
    • Wildlife Control Supplies:
      They are a source for those of us that have problems with wildlife invading our gardens.


    • ICanGarden.com:
      Canadas largest internet gardening site…with over 3,000 pages and 100 writers!
    • Jackson & Perkins:
      J&P is a full-service nursery offering all kinds of flowers, trees, shrubs, ground coverings, bulbs, decorative garden gifts, tools, garden accessories, plant care products and, of course roses.

    Lawn Care

    • Bayer Advanced Garden:
      They offer simple steps and suggestions to help you create a beautiful garden. Their To-do Lists will provide you with quick, simple guides for choosing and planting your garden.
    • Hortsense – Lawn and Turf:
      A lawn resource site while aimed more toward the southern homeowner has application to the cool weather lawns of the north. Excellent information on lawn variety selection (A Washington State University Extension).
    • Toro:
      Since 1914 Toro has created high-quality products for the lawn and garden. Toros customers are diverse, from landscapers, golf course managers, to homeowners, grounds and sports field managers.
    • Turfgrass Weed Management:
      It is the eaiest site we have seen for quick weed identification. There are also lawn weed fact sheets available and weed management information can be easily acessed.
    • Yardcare:
      Yardcare’s goal is to help home owner to have a beautiful yard through providing useful tips and information. The site is geared to educating the homeowners on basic lawn care.

    Other Sources or Fun Sites

    • Hummingbirds.net:
      The source for information on attracting, watching, feeding, and studying North American hummingbirds. This is a fun site with all the information you would ever need on hummingbirds. Visit the site and watch the little hummers fly!
    • Niles, Michigan:
      Niles Chamber of Commerce web page for a city in the southwest corner of lower Michigan. We are located here!
    • The Butterfly Site:
      The Butterfly Siteis one of, if not the best, butterfly gardening site we have come across. It is just loaded with information for the home-gardener who wish to not only attract butterflies but also to help them thrive.
    • The Old Farmer’s Almanac:
      The oldest continuously-published periodical in America has a darn slick Web site! The bewildering assortment of ephemera you’ve come to expect from their printed pages is all here, elegantly supercharged with software.
    • Wild Birds Unlimited Bird Feeder Cam:
      New image updated every three minutes. Operates from dawn to dusk Eastern time.

    Perennial Nurseries

    • Bluestone Perennials:
      They offer a wide selection of perennials, plants, herbs, ornamental shrubs, iris and bulbs. Now you can buy perennials for a price which will allow you to plant them as they should be planted – in groups and masses!
    • Easyliving Native Perennial Wildflowers:
      Their site is for and about wildflowers native to the Midwest. Beautiful Native Wild Flowers for Home Landscaping and Prairie Restoration can be found here. Seed for wild flowers that are easy to grow, resistant to drought and pests, and provide unlimited
    • Elk Mountian Nursery:
      Elk Mountain Nursery specializes in plants native to the Eastern United States. Their nursery is located in the mountains of Western North Carolina. The long, cool growing season; coupled with a short, but intense winter; makes Asheville an ideal site for
    • Fridas Landscape Design and Gardens:
      A nursery specializing in Midwest-grown hostas. More than 500 varieties are available from this mail-order source along with lists of best-performing hostas, recommended readings, and gardening tips. Stop on by, look at that outstanding list of hostas, an
    • Heronswood Nursery:
      A small specialty nursery located on 7.5 acres on a peninsula of Washington State.
    • Hosta Photo Library:
      An online hosta resource containing thousands of pictures with concise discriptions. You can also find alot of information on the hosta.
    • Mt Tahoma Nursery:
      While this nursery is not the easest to order from it offers a wide selection of rare rock gardern plants. Their selection of Primulas is particularly outstanding.
    • Naylor Creek Nursery:
      They have a wonderful selection of unique or hard to find perennials. We were impressed with they wide selection of hostas, pulmonarias, and epimediums, some only recently offered.
    • Pine Forest Gardens:
      Pine Forest Gardens in Atlanta georgia is truly a source for quality hostas. While their selection is somewhat limited they have most of the top quality specimen hostas. Their web site has excellent quick loading graphics which makes viewing and selection
    • Plant Delights Nursery:
      Genera of special focus include amorphophallus, arisaema, asarum, ferns, hardy palms, helleborus, heuchera, hosta, lobelia, ornamental grasses, pulmonaria, tiarella, and verbena…to mention but a few.
    • Richters Herbs:
      Herb specialists. Purchase from their online catalog. Their site contians educational information plus other news and information.
    • Terra Nova Nurseries:
      Since 1992, they have been have been creating some of the most wonderful plants in horticulture today! Not only have their plants received international awards, they are also known worldwide for the amazing 600 new introductions they have released to date
    • White Oak Nursery:
      Family owned nursery specializing in hosta.

    Rose Nurseries

    • American Rose Society:
      Members of the American Rose Society encompass all levels of experience with roses and are committed to promoting the rose in all its diversity. If there’s one thing that all American Rose Society members have in common, it’s a love of roses.
    • Edmund’s Roses:
      This site is about modern roses with excellent graphics and a wealth of information. A must visit for those of us into new roses.
    • J&P Rose Troubleshooting:
      Guide to Growing Roses.
    • Jackson & Perkins:
      J&P is a full-service nursery offering all kinds of flowers, trees, shrubs, ground coverings, bulbs, decorative garden gifts, tools, garden accessories, plant care products and, of course roses.
    • Rose Emporium:
      The Antique Rose Emporium is an excellent source for old garden and antique roses. This is their 22nd year of offering our vigorous, easy to grow, fragrant and long-lived roses. Their site has loads of useful information on growing roses.
    • Spring Valley Roses:
      They specialize in winter hardy Old Garden, Climbing and Shrub roses. These roses have to be tough to handle their colder climates. They do their best to grow healthy, large roses. The roses they offer are: winter hardy, own-root plants, disease tolerant,

    Seed Catalogs

    • Burpee:
      Serving Home Gardeners Since 1876. The online spot for gardeners.
    • Johnny’s Selected Seeds:
      They are a seed producer located in Albion, Maine, whose products include vegetable, flower, and culinary herb seeds. They sell both retail and wholesale, in small or large quantities. We particularly like their vegetable seeds and have used them frequent
    • Prairie Nursery:
      Since 1972, they have been dedicated to bringing their customers quality plants and seeds, and sharing our knowledge of cultural and landscape uses of native plants.
    • Seeds of Change:
      They are an all organic, 100 % Certified source for over 1500 different varieties of heirloom seeds. The site offers a lot of information for the organic gardener.
    • Territorial Seed Company:
      They have been serving the seed gardener for over twenty years, offering a wide selection of seeds. We were particularly impressed with its large selection of garlic sets, over ten varieties.
    • Wildseed Farms:
      They offer over 70 species of wildflower seed, and wildflower seed mixes. Their catalog is an invaluable resource for anyone who would like to join the growing community of enthusiasts who support Mother Nature by planting wildflowers.

    Woody Plant Nurseries

    • Clemitis Specialty Nursery:
      They are a small nursery specializing in all types of clematis. They have been in business since 1983 as a retail establishment and started doing mail-order in 1993. Clemitis Speciality Nursery is particularly interested in small-flowered species and hybr
    • Collectors Nursery:
      They are a retail mail order nursery interested in unique plant material.Collectors Nursery specializes in dwarf and rare conifers and uncommon, choice perennials, with a strong emphasis on those that grow in the shade. They also have a wide offering of v
    • Essence of the Tree:
      Essence of the tree is born of a love of the trees and a life committed to gardening. Their trees have become their passion, their comfort and their inspiration. They have a diverse inventory of the maples and are constantly seeking out the newest additio
    • Forest Farms:
      They offer a good selection of ornamental shrubs, trees, grasses, and perennials. They are well known throughout the plant comunity although they just started offering their catalog on-line.
    • Oikos Tree Crop:
      Ken Asmus founded Oikos Tree Crops in 1985 as with all gardeners in love with the earth, it is easy to immerse yourself in this labor of love. No matter how small, each step can yield something new and interesting not experienced before. Such is the fun o

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