It’s Autumn in Our Garden
This is my site Written by Geoff on November 1, 1999 – 9:10 am

A year ago today, in November 1998 Yard Talk, we talked about how Fall usually finds most plants well past their prime, but there are always a few that put on a show for us here in zone 5, in Southwest Lower Michigan. With our last frost free date being October 15th there is always plenty of time for those late blooming perennials. 

Well, not this year, Mother Nature played a cruel trick on us and we had the first of many frosts on September 19th. Fortunately, we took our own advice on Container Gardening and put a few plants into containers. It is a good thing too, as our gardens are truly bleak. 

So, instead of telling you about what is performing well in our Autumn Garden, we decided to take a different tack and talk about those plants that really out performed all others this year. These are the ones we can honestly say you should try in your garden. 

A. Eupatorium fistulosum- “Spotted Joe-Pye Weed” 
A large billowy plant we just cannot say enough good things about. Its foliage and flowers not only put on quite a show it also attracts flocks of butterflies and bees. 

B. Echinacea pupurea- “White Swan” 
A white flowering form of our native Purple Coneflower that we had about given up on until we moved it into our Shady Garden. Now it puts on a show of its own with masses of white flowers all season long. People are always asking what it is. 

C. Phlox paniculata- “David” 
A white blooming mildew resistant garden phlox which started blooming for us in June and just kept on blooming. 

D. Phlox paniculata- “Nora Leigh” 
A variegated garden phlox recommended to us for its foliage. We were told not to expect to much from the flowers. While the foliage is outstanding we think the flowers are outstanding. 

E. Rudbeckia laciniata- “Herbstonne” 
Herbstonnes along with Joe-Pye Weeds are show stoppers of our Sunny Garden. Non-stop masses of bright yellow flowers held high. People are constantly asking about this plant. 

F. Solidago rugosa- “Fireworks” 
This stunning compact goldenrod puts on a brief but exciting display in early Fall. 

Some new additions to our garden that while too young to really show their stuff show great promise are: 

A. Chrysanthemum- “Mrs Clarkson” 
This creamy yellow pom-pom flowering hardy mum all but glows in the dark. Very vigorous bloomer and long lasting. 

B. Phlox paniculata- “Delta Snow” 
Another white garden phlox with huge flower heads. 

C. Sedum- “Frosty Morn” 
A variegated plant with mint green leaves with a large creamy band that really stands out on those dark Fall days. 

D. Vernonia noveboacensis- “New York Ironweed” 
Intense purple blooms held high on 7-10 foot plants.

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