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This is my site Written by Geoff on February 1, 2000 – 6:22 pm

We have all started to receive numerous gardening catalogs in the mail and what better time to receive them? For most of us, this is the slow time of year, a time when we can sit back, relax, and think of warmer seasons. Each day we wait expectantly for the mailman to deliver the newest batch of gardening treasures we call catalogs. 

Those of us lucky to have access to the Internet do not even have to wait for the mailman as we have the world at our fingertips. Most of the better nurseries have their own web sites containing vast amounts of information on plants and gardening. With a little searching, you can easily find nurseries geared to your particular interest. There are sites out there for the young and old, from the herb gardener and the arborist, to shade gardener and rosarian. 

Being an avid shade gardener use to be hard, as plant selections were limited but, now we have access to plants we could only dream of at one time. The wide range of selections offered is almost limitless. We have yet to be unable to find a plant we wanted. On-line ordering is not only easy and quick but, also safe. The information available is usually more extensive than found in catalogs and the pictures are definitely bigger and better. 

Everyday more gardening sites appear on the Internet, like anything, more is not necessarily better and some caution needs to be observed in choosing a sight to order from. Most good sites will soon have a loyal following only too willing to expound on their virtues. Good references on sites can be found in periodicals such as Green Scene, Horticulture, or the Advent Gardener. Another good resource can be found by joining a gardening email list. 

There are many excellent lists out there on almost any gardening subject. Some are quite specific while others cover a broad range of topics. A good list to start with is Perennial List at This list is dedicated to the discussion of all perennials in a garden context and information is freely exchanged. This “List” is made up of gardeners, for gardeners, and by gardeners. Each day’s postings are full of useful information and conversation. To subscribe simply send an Email to with this message in the body of your Email “subscribe perennial (your Email address)” (Make sure to drop the ” and () from the message). We encourage you to subscribe to a list, most are made up of friendly people with only gardening’s best interest at heart. 

We have found most sites to be very good in handling your orders. Often times the communication is better then mail order. The better ones not only acknowledge your order but email you at shipping time so you can prepare for their arrival. Also, we have found that while a nursery during the busy season may not have time to answer your gardening questions over the telephone, most freely answer your email.

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