Getting Your Lawn mower Ready for Storage
This is my site Written by Geoff on November 1, 2003 – 6:02 pm

We use to abuse our lawn mower, although, ashamed we freely admit it. Until the time we entered the property maintenance business, we took our mower for granted. Oh sure, we kept it clean and changed the blades regularly. We even managed to follow the manufactures recommended greasing and cleaning schedule. But when it came to preparing your lawn mower for off-season storage we failed miserably. 

There just are so many things to do in the garden in the Fall that our thoughts are not on grass and mowers but leaves and snow. Our Fall maintenance consisted of pushing it out of the way to make room for the snowblower. Sad but true, a trusty steed cast aside, forgotten until Spring. Then we wonder why it will not obey our commands and start. 

Fall is the time to do a few simple maintenance procedures listed in your mowers owners manual. That is, if you remember where you put it, that will keep your mower healthy. While it is always best 

Check the blade and engine mounting fasteners making sure they are all tight. Take time to remove and sharpen the blade or better yet replace with a new one. Clean built-up grass clippings and dirt from under the deck. Clean or replace the air filter taking care to oil it. On four cycle engines we drain and refill the engine crankcase with fresh oil. 

On self propelled model, clean grass clippings and debris under belt cover and drive belt and oil height adjuster brackets. Check the mower tires and replace any that are cracked or worn. Check all screws for tightness and replace any missing. 

You can drain the fuel tank or run it dry but we prefer stabilizing the fuel as there are no gasoline disposal problems. Fuel stabilizer can be purchased at any hardware store or automotive supply center. Simply add to the mowers fuel tank, start the engine, and run a few minutes to mix stabilized fuel through 

Service your mowers engine by removing the spark plug and spraying fogging oil into the plug hole. Slowly rotate the engine several times by hand to distribute oil. Install a new spark plug but do not connect spark plug wire. Blow or vacuum off the engine paying particular attention to the cooling fins. 

Wash the mower thoroughly and allow to dry. Spray all exposed surfaces with a wax or other protectant such as Armor All. Cover with a plastic tarp or other dust proof cloth. Store in a cool dry place, but near a stove, furnace or water heater. 

In the Spring you should be able to roll out your mower and with a few quick tugs be off to the lawn.

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