A Christmas at Martin’s Yard & Garden
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Christmas is a very special time at Martin’s Yard & Garden. Many of our family traditions revolve around the Christmas Holiday. Activities start shortly after Thanksgiving, with our daughter PC and her husband Jon helping to decorate the exterior of our home. Decorating Day begins at the crack of dawn and usually finishing well after dark. 

Cookie Day

This is followed a week later with Christmas Cookie Day, a traditions spanning generations. A fun filled day involving anyone not afraid to measure, stir, bake and of course, eat a few cookies. Even Madison, our English Setter, gets involved. Since we usually bake between 900-1200 cookies, for friends and relatives, this happening lasts well into evening hours. 

Some where between Outdoor Decorating and Cookie Day, Marty (my partner in arms) and I, choose the Christmas Tree. While some of our most cherished memories involve selecting the family Christmas Tree, it is not an easy task. The selection process has been know to take most of the day, involving much discussion, a few minor injuries, and a lot of travel. 

There are just some things that cannot be rushed, they are meant to be savored. Marty and I believe in taking our time, enjoying each others company and the holiday experience. The poem The Last Christmas Tree by Howard D. Fencl is a cute tale of a father and son hunting for the family tree. 

From experience, we know the best evergreens for “the” Christmas Trees are: Concolor Fir, Douglas Fir, Noble Fir, Fraser Fir, Balsam Fir, and White Pine. Most of these can be found on any retail or cut your own tree farm. Do not be afraid to experiment with different species of trees, after all Cherry and Hawthorne trees were once very popular indoor holiday trees. We have even seen Weeping Figs, Norfolk Island Pines, and “Fake Trees” used for Christmas Trees. 

Eggscape Ornament


Yes, last season, we bought an artificial tree for our second tree. Over the years Marty has collected numerous Christmas Egg Ornaments, many made by our son Geoff. 

We first displayed them along with our traditional ornaments, as the collection grew a second tree was required. After several years of trying to find two “perfect” trees we decided to give a fake tree a try. This proved a perfect solution, although it does not smell or taste as good. 

Whether you select an artificial tree, real cut tree, or a living tree, try to make selecting the tree a family event. Do not be afraid to experiment and try new ideas. Get the whole family involved rather it be for Cookie Day, Outdoor Decorating, or Tree Selection. These happenings last forever as fun times and fond memories.

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